Welcome to Eye Paiger Charters. 

Hi my name is Captain Rob I have been fishing Lake Erie since I was a small child. Starting with my grandfather when I was 8 years old. In the 4 decades I've fished Lake Erie I've seen many changes. Some good some bad. But Lake Erie is a world leader in walleye and perch. There is also some of the best catfishing in the state of Ohio. 

Lake Erie and the north coast of ohio is known as the walleye capital of the world but lake erie also provides many opportunities to catch many other species of fish.  One that we specialize in catching is the lake erie catfish.  Lake Erie Catfish, sometimes known as Channel Catfish or the Spotted Catfish, is an Ohio native. These fish thrive in all kinds of conditions but they prefer deep, still waters so bottom fishing for catfish is most productive.  Catfish caught in Lake Erie typically weigh in at 2-10 pounds, but the large monsters can be over 25 lbs.   Typically lake erie catfish measure 12-25 inches but the whoppers can get to over 40 inches.
Walleye, also known as the pickerel, is plentiful and one of the most sought after gamefish in Lake Erie. In Ohio, the fish is a springtime fishing favorite, because that is the best time to catch a trophy walleye. particularly in the Lake Erie Island region of Lake Erie. 
Walleye typically average 14″ to 22″ in length and weighs an average of 2 to 4 lbs but can however reach over 30 inches and 10 pounds.